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When I joined Kylers program I had recently gotten out of a toxic relationship and was really down on myself about my body and health.  His motivation was important to get me where I wanted to be and help me the most.  The diet and exercise plans he made for me really helped me keep my goals in line, when it came to reaching them The videos on the app made my workouts much easier without knowing what exactly to do in the gym before this I had barely any experience with the gym outside of cardio equipment. The way my whole workout was already planned for me made my gym going much more efficient.  Kyler gave someTough love, haha,. Kyler always knew just what to say to keep me motivated. Even if it hurt a little I know that he just wants what’s best for me and my goals. He really changed my mental outlook on a lot of things in life outside of fitness as well.  Not only did he help me reach my fitness and health goals, he helped a lot with my mindset. Kyler made me realize a lot about wanting to better myself over all and become more confident.  I have been able to stay positive about my health and goals. This experience was just what I needed to kickstart a better life for me and my health.  The results I achieve are definitely huge. Not just physical but mental also. I have so much more confidence in the gym and with myself and I never thought I would have it prior to working with Kyler.  I now know what to do in the gym without looking silly. I am much more mindful about Macros and food as well.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.  Finding Kyler was probably one of the best things that could ever happen for me. He made me realize that I had it in me all along and I am forever grateful for what he has done for me and my health!


I came to Kyler to lose fat and put on lean muscle.  I chose him from his  aesthetic look and taking his group fitness classes let me experience him before I committed. Also, his attitude was something special.  His Positive reinforcement and clear cut reminders when I was slipping up or slacking made the difference for me. Phone calls were a big help, too, he made the time for me and listened to me.  His programs gave me more versatility in my workout routine, than I’ve ever had.  His constant positive reinforcement and a focus on goals over  excuses or setbacks made it possible.  I learned positive self-talk, gained lean muscle mass, became much smarter with my training. I still hear Kyler in my head when I feel like cheating my work out, my life, or giving up in general. “It’s just weight, move it…”  He showed me what areas I was lacking in and what was holding me back—in and out of the gym, and fixed it.  He has proven results and the way he makes you feel respected and like my goals were so important.   I actually recommended him to someone today, So, I’m telling you to go for it with him.  He’s a good role model for what it takes to be fit—mentally and physically. He will push you and support you while teaching you how to succeed without/after him.

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